Looking for a career,

not just a job?

Looking for a career,

not just a job?

Work with us!

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Your Benefits at Solomon's Landscape & Design


Excellent Benefits

Being a member of the Solomon's Landscape & Design team means you are part of a company that cares about you. Paid time off, insurance reimbursement, uniform services, and quarterly team activities are just a few of the things that make working here special.


Growth Opportunities

With great career mobility, you can learn and develop with our growing organization. Growth opportunities exist both in the field and the office as Solomon's Landscape & Design continues to support more and more customers!


Killer Company Culture

Our team has fostered a positive, respectful, and supportive work culture and we hire people that will add to that. We know that skills can always be taught, but the right attitudes often can not.

Position Overview

About Us
Mission and Core Values

At Solomon's Landscape & Design, we know the best way to provide the best service to our customers is to hire, and grow the best team.

We are focused on providing you with a career and not just a job.

When you join Solomon's Landscape & Design, you are joining an elite team serving their community.

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FAQs of Solomon's Landscape & Design and the Crew Member Role

What is the company culture like at Solomon's Landscape & Design?

We know that in order to best serve our customer, we need to serve our team. That is why we focus on hiring the best, building the best team, and creating opportunities for growth within our business.

What are the company’s approach to employee development?

At Solomon's Landscape & Design, we prioritize employee development as a key component of our company culture. Our approach to employee development includes ongoing training programs, skill development workshops, and continuous learning initiatives. We know this is a career and not a job.

Does Solomon's Landscape & Design provide opportunities for advancement within the company?

Yes, we are committed to providing opportunities for growth and advancement to our employees. We believe in nurturing talent from within and offer a clear career path for individuals seeking to progress in their careers.